Call for donations to restore the church

The rain penetrates into Notre-Dame de l'Assomption, the church of Auvers-sur-Oise. The roof and the frame are in dire need of restoration. The building no longer provides sealing and remains very humid. In order to restore the roman church, painted by Vincent Van Gogh in 1890, the association takes action to help the Town of Auvers to raise funds.

A major rehabilitation project

The municipality has launched a major restoration project for the church of Auvers. It includes restoration of all covers and timber structures..
The whole project will cost €600,000 : 40 % payed by the region, 20 % by the Department of Val-d'Oise, 20 % by the Town of Auvers. But €120,000 are to be found to finalize the budget. A public subscription is launched.

A degraded coverage

Neglected and left without maintenance for many years, the roof of this famous church is failing. Tiles are porous, eroded, absent. Water seeps and oozes into the nave. The timber structures are degraded. A 4-phase restoration project is launched, following the study mission carried out by the architect of the French Monuments Historiques Council.

An emergency situation

"Following a major storm in October 2015, stones fell inside the church. We made the necessary emergency work, closed the north side and establish a diagnosis with the architect of Bâtiments de France, says mayor Isabelle Mezieres. The situation is very serious. The frame has moved, there are many cracks, there is even a tree growing on the tiles ... "

vue aérienne église

A 4-phase restoration project

Phase 1 - North side of the transept, and bell tower
Phase 2 - Choir and south side of the transept
Phase 3 - South side of the nave roof
Phase 4 - North side of the nave roof


The Auvers Heritage Project

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